I feel like for some maybe last year was a rough year, you tried some things here and there but nothing seemed to click and you decided it wasn’t for you. For others, you’ve been on the grind but somewhere in the year you lost your passion and decided to take more days off then to perfect your craft. Maybe other pressures of life snuffed out the flame and passion you had previously.

Respect your body, be strategic in making your decisions, and if you aren’t already, live actively!

What ever it may have been I’m here to tell you its okay… honestly, its okay. Just like every year around this time, its time for a new page in your life, its time to dust off that passion you lost (or create one if you never had it), and strive for the ideal you that you want to see. This year I encourage you to respect your self by sticking to what you started. There is no easy way to hard work, if there was it wouldn’t be called hard now would it. I can guarantee you just like last year the down times will come, but this time around use the experience and feeling of falling down to fuel your drive. Always remember “if it was easy, everybody would be doing it”

I want you to start this year with your best foot forward. Respect your body, be strategic in making your decisions, and if you aren’t already, live actively!


Have you ever wondered about the difference of Muscle and Fat? Muscle and Fat are wo different types of tissue. Muscle never degenerates into fat, and fat cannot be transformed into muscle. You may be wondering, what’s going on when changes occur in your body’s composition over time? Get your spectacles out because we’re about to dive in!

In the left-hand corner, we have Fat. Food is the prime factor of how much, or how little, fat you have. The factor determining the amount of muscle you have is stress: for example, exercise. Fat is composed of thousands of unique cells that have the ability retain fluid. Fat cells respond to conditions in the body in three ways. 1) they shrink when there is less food energy available 2) they stay the same when there are adequate calories and 3) they grow in the presence of unused calories.

I’ve got some bad news ..Food energy does not have to begin as fat to be stored as fat. Your body breaks down everything you eat into pieces small enough to be absorbed by individual cells. Your body doesn’t typically lose fat cells unless surgically removed. The good news is your body will not usually produce more individual cells past puberty; although, if you gain a tremendous amount of weight as an adult, your body will adapt by prompting cells to divide.

So, what about muscle? Well, in the Right-hand corner we have Muscles! Each muscle cell is made of hundreds of muscle fibers. What’s cool about this is, each individual fiber is capable of increasing in size and getting bigger. Challenges that force the muscle beyond its “comfort zone” help muscle cells to become more efficient through improved coordination and signaling in the body (you start looking like a snack). This occurs in response to muscle hypertrophy (increase in size/growth) through stress: only the muscles being worked undergo change or in other words, modification. The opposite of growth is muscle atrophy also known as getting smaller, this is when the same stress demands aren’t being met.y!

Although your body will not physically transform muscle into fat, or fat into muscle, it really comes down to your choices and habits which dictate how much muscle or fat you maintain. A piece of advice to keep in the back of your mind! your decisions directly impact not just your fitness and health goals but your life goal too: Respect your body, be strategic in making your decisions, and if you aren’t already, live activel

What would you pay to wake up everyday on fire, to beat the rise of the sun and get out of bed before that alarm you set rings simply because you’re that excited to take on the new day before you? There are a lot of components involved in feeling this way but it all starts with Respecting your body, being strategic in making your decisions, and living actively. My inbox is always open for suggestions on what you want me to shed light on. Trust me, if I don’t know it yet, you better believe ill find it.

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